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Message ID: 7444     Entry time: Wed Sep 26 23:55:14 2012
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: WFS centered 

Since the MC spots are good, I put the beam back on WFS 1 and WFS 2.

Also, I changed the indicators on the LockMC screen to reflect the change in elog 7289, where we added another on/off switch for the WFS so that the ASS could be on, but the WFS off.  For the last month, the WFS could be disabled, but the MC screen's indicators would suggest that we were pushing very significantly on all 3 MC mirrors.  Now the MC screen reflects reality a little better.

I also uncommented the WFS lines in the mcup script.  Den had commented them out, but didn't elog about it!  C'mon Den, please elog stuff!!!!  (He confessed out loud the other day, but it still wasn't in the elog).

I'm leaving the WFS loops disabled (even though the MC autolocker tries to turn them on, I have them manually disabled using the extra on/off switch) since they're unstable.  I'm in the process of figuring out what's wrong.  So far, the WFS improve the MC alignment for a minute or two, and then they totally misalign the MC.  This is a work in progress.

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