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Message ID: 7428     Entry time: Fri Sep 21 22:43:51 2012
Author: Den 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: TT alignment 

I did TT alignment using red laser and QPD.

P9210079.JPG       P9210092.JPG

 I had a problem aligning TT with frame number SN-035 as some screws are damaged so all what I could move were 2 blades on the sides of the mirrors. But this was not enough to align pitch and yaw simultaneously.  It is possible to align pitch only, but then I got a huge yaw angle (~0.05-0.1 rad). The only option I had was to make a reasonable alignment in yaw and then suspend several washes on the screw on the bottom of the mirror to align pitch.

Attached are flag positions inside coils. 1 - SN034, 2 - SN012, 3 - SN006, 4 - SN035. For each TT there are 4 pictures with flag 1-4: UL, LL, UR, LR

Attachment 3: 1.pdf  15.293 MB  | Hide | Hide all
1.pdf 1.pdf 1.pdf 1.pdf
Attachment 4: 2.pdf  13.651 MB  | Hide | Hide all
2.pdf 2.pdf 2.pdf 2.pdf
Attachment 5: 3.pdf  15.241 MB  | Hide | Hide all
3.pdf 3.pdf 3.pdf 3.pdf
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4.pdf 4.pdf 4.pdf 4.pdf
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