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Entry  Thu Sep 20 08:50:14 2012, Masha, Update, MachineLearning, Machine Learning Update 
    Reply  Thu Sep 20 22:52:38 2012, Den, Update, MachineLearning, Feedback controller 
       Reply  Fri Nov 2 13:20:35 2012, Masha, Update, MachineLearning, Feedback controller standard_BATCH_0p35_ref_plant_lc.pngstandard_QUICKPROP_0p35_ref_plant_lc.pngstandard_RPROP_0p35_ref_plant_lc.pngstandard_INCREMENTAL_0p35_ref_plant_lc.pngstandard_INCREMENTAL_0p9_0p9_ref_plant_lc.png
Message ID: 7424     Entry time: Thu Sep 20 22:52:38 2012     In reply to: 7418     Reply to this: 7661
Author: Den 
Type: Update 
Category: MachineLearning 
Subject: Feedback controller 


I have uploaded to my directory a directory neural_plant. The most important file is reference_plant.c, which compiles with the command

 We would appreciate some plots. Learning curves of recurrent NN working as a plant are interesting. For harmonic oscillator your RNN should not contain any hidden layers - only 1 input and 1 output node and 2 delays at each of them. Activation function should be linear. If your code is correct, this configuration will match oscillator perfectly. The question is how much time does it take to adapt.

Does FANN support regularization? I think this will make your controller more stable. Try to use more advanced algorithms then gradient descent for adaptation. They will increase convergence speed. For example, look at fminunc function at Matlab.

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