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Entry  Tue Sep 11 17:17:51 2012, Eric Q., Mike J., Configuration, Electronics, AS beam scan 
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    Reply  Wed Sep 12 20:08:51 2012, ericq, Update, Electronics, AS beam scan 
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Message ID: 7377     Entry time: Wed Sep 12 20:08:51 2012     In reply to: 7372     Reply to this: 7380
Author: ericq 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: AS beam scan 


We conducted a beam scan on the AP table of the AS beam. We used a lens to focus the beam onto a power meter, and slowly moved a razor blade across the beam using a micrometer, vertically and horizontally both in front of and behind the beam. We also had to block the beam next to the AS beam in order to do this, but is unblocked now. Mike will begin curve fitting the data to try and see if there is a different spot size given by the x-axis vs. the y-axis, and if the lens has any effect.

 [ericq, mikej, some input from zach]

After realigning the MC, the measurement was repeated this afternoon. This time, however, we isolated the beam from ITMY by misaligning ITMX. The beam looked somewhat elliptical to me, and Mike should have fits up tonight. Afterwards, ITMX was returned to the position I found it in, and the PMC shutter and access connector were closed. (Sorry about last night!)

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