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Entry  Fri Aug 31 10:16:02 2012, janosch, Steve, Update, , ETMX, scattering preps IMG_1609.JPGIMG_1608b.jpg
    Reply  Fri Sep 7 09:37:20 2012, Steve, Update, Cameras, baffle plate for SOS  IMG_1624.JPGIMG_1618.JPGIMG_1616.JPG
       Reply  Wed Sep 12 17:02:00 2012, Steve, Update, Cameras, baffle plate hole getting larger IMG_1631.JPGIMG_1628.JPG
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Message ID: 7358     Entry time: Fri Sep 7 09:37:20 2012     In reply to: 7326     Reply to this: 7375
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: Cameras 
Subject: baffle plate for SOS  


The alignment of the pick-off mirror near ETMX is done. Everything turned out to be easy once we realized that there is no sense getting the alignment laser (going through viewport to pick-off to ITMX) back to ETMX. It is only necessary to hit ITMX somehow, since this makes sure that there is one scattered beam that will make it from ITMX to pick-off through viewport.

After the auxiliary optic (that we never used in the end) was removed again, we levelled the optical table.

So in the current setup, we can have small-angle scattering measurements on ITMX and large-angle scattering measurements on ETMX.

 This is how it was envisioned. The video camera was in nobodies mind to look through the 40 mm  diameter hole than.

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