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Message ID: 7356     Entry time: Fri Sep 7 00:08:10 2012
Author: janosch 
Type: Metaphysics 
Subject: baffle clipping loss 

With a curvature radius of about 57m for the ETMs, flat ITMs at the beam waist, and using 39m for the arm lengths, one finds that the beam radius at the ETMs is about 5.3mm. The clipping power loss of a 5.3mm beam through a 20mm radius baffle hole would be less than a ppm of a ppm if the beam was perfectly centered. If the baffle hole had 15mm radius, the clipping loss would be 0.01ppm. If the baffle hole had 10mm radius, the loss would be 810ppm. The loss values are calculated using the formula of the  "Gaussian beam" Wikipedia article, "Power through an aperture" section. So I did not check if that one is ok.

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