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Entry  Thu Aug 30 19:08:08 2012, Jenne, Update, VAC, Dogs on BS, ITM chambers checked 
    Reply  Fri Aug 31 10:24:36 2012, Steve, Update, VAC, chamber dog clamps checked 
Message ID: 7327     Entry time: Fri Aug 31 10:24:36 2012     In reply to: 7321
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: chamber dog clamps checked 


I tightened as many of the dog clamps on the bottom of the BS, ITMX and ITMY chambers as I could find.  I used a torque wrench at 45 ft-lbs.  Some of the bolts of the dogs were too long, and I couldn't find an extender thing to accommodate the bolt so I could reach the nut.  None of the bolts moved that I was able to reach.

Steve, we're not doing final final alignment today (we will do it tomorrow), so please go around and double-check my work by checking all of the dogs first thing in the morning.  Thanks.

 Almost all chamber dog clamps on the floor checked. There are a few exception where it is impossible to to get to the nut. 

Only the OOC nuts turned little bit. So our elastomer discs are holding up well. This means that the chamber anchoring to the floor is good.

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