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Entry  Thu Aug 30 20:35:09 2012, jamie, Update, SUS, target installed on PRM, temporary earthquake stops in place 
    Reply  Fri Aug 31 07:32:49 2012, Steve, Update, SUS, target for BS 
Message ID: 7324     Entry time: Thu Aug 30 20:35:09 2012     Reply to this: 7325
Author: jamie 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: target installed on PRM, temporary earthquake stops in place 

We installed beam targets on PRM and BS suspension cages.

On both suspensions one of the screw holes for the target actually houses the set screw for the side OSEM.  This means that the screw on one side of the target only goes in partial way.

The target installed on BS is wrong!  It has a center hole, instead of two 45 deg holes.  I forgot to remove it, but it will obvious it's wrong to the next person who tries to use it.  I believe we're supposed to have a correct target for BS, Steve?

The earthquake stop screws on PRM were too short and were preventing installation of the PRM target.  Therefore, in order to install the target on PRM I had to replace the earthquake stops with ones Jenne and I found in the bake lab clean room that were longer, but have little springs instead of viton inserts at the ends.  This is ok for now, but


We checked the beam through PRM and it's a little high to the right (as viewed from behind).  Tomorrow we're going to open ITMX chamber so that we can get a closer look at the spot on PR2.

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