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Entry  Thu Aug 30 12:01:27 2012, janosch, Manasa,Steve, Update, , ETMX 
    Reply  Thu Aug 30 13:10:41 2012, jamie, Update, Cameras, ETMX etmx-face-baffle.png
Message ID: 7317     Entry time: Thu Aug 30 12:01:27 2012     Reply to this: 7318
Author: janosch, Manasa,Steve 
Type: Update 
Subject: ETMX 

We have done some work at ETMX today. We installed the baffle and placed two mirrors on the table.

The baffle position/orientation still needs to be checked more thoroughly to make sure that the beam will pass through the center of the baffle hole.

One of the two mirrors will stay on the table as pickoff. The other is only temporarily installed for alignment purposes. Later today we will shoot a laser into the chamber that will reflect off one of these mirrors towards the center of ITMX, then go back to the pickoff mirror next to ETMX and hopefully make it through the viewport.

To place the pickoff mirror, we had to move the "cable rack" next to ETMX a few inches towards the back of the table.

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