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Entry  Sun Aug 19 19:56:20 2012, Yaakov, Update, STACIS, STACIS signal box made SAM_0275.JPGSAM_0277.JPGSAM_0276.JPG
    Reply  Thu Aug 23 15:42:48 2012, rana, Update, STACIS, STACIS signal box made vsanni-1107222997.pdf
Message ID: 7258     Entry time: Thu Aug 23 15:42:48 2012     In reply to: 7231
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Category: STACIS 
Subject: STACIS signal box made 


 I found this entry in the old 40m ilog which describes the STACIS performance. It shows that even though the STACIS is bad for the differential arm motion below 3 Hz. It has quite a big and positive effect at 10-30 Hz. The OSEMs show a bigger effect than what the single arm does. I think this is because the single arm is limited by the MC frequency noise above 10 Hz.

We should figure out how to turn on the STACIS but set the lower UGF to be ~5 Hz.

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