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Entry  Thu Aug 23 12:17:39 2012, Manasa, Update, , IMC Ringdown mozilla.pdfMC_sus.pdf
    Reply  Thu Aug 23 15:35:33 2012, rana, Update, , IMC Ringdown 
       Reply  Thu Aug 23 17:51:25 2012, Manasa, Update, , IMC Ringdown 
Message ID: 7257     Entry time: Thu Aug 23 15:35:33 2012     In reply to: 7256     Reply to this: 7260
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Subject: IMC Ringdown 


 It is HIGHLY unlikely that the IMC mirrors are having any effect on the ringdown. The ringdowns take ~20 usec to happen. The mirrors are 0.25 kg and you can calculate that its very hard to get enough force to move them any appreciable distance in that time.

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