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Entry  Wed Aug 22 15:47:34 2012, jamie, Summary, General, vent prepartion for fast-track vent 
    Reply  Thu Aug 23 10:38:12 2012, Steve, Update, General, vent prepartion for fast-track vent 
    Reply  Fri Aug 24 14:46:08 2012, Jenne, Summary, General, Detailed alignment plan 
Message ID: 7255     Entry time: Thu Aug 23 10:38:12 2012     In reply to: 7249
Author: Steve 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: vent prepartion for fast-track vent 


We are discussing venting first thing next week, with the goal of
diagnosing what's going on in the PRC.

Reminder of the overall vent plan:


Since we won't be prepared for tip-tilt installation (item 2), we should
focus most of the effort on diagnosing what's going on in the PRC.  Of
the other planned activities:

(1) dichroic mirror replacement for PR3 and SR3

  Given that we'll be working on the PRC, we might consider going ahead
  with this replacement, especially if the folding mirror becomes
  suspect for whatever reason.  In any case we should have the new
  mirrors ready to install, which means we should get the phase map
  measurements asap.

(3) black glass beam dumps:

  Install as time and manpower permits.  We need to make sure all needed
  components are baked and ready to install.

(4) OSEM mount screws:

  Delay until next vent.

(5) new periscope plate:

  Delay until next vent.

(6) cavity scattering measurement setup

  Delay until next vent.

 Bob is back. Cleaning and baking all our posts and clamps. They will be ready for use Tuesday next week. Therefore beam dumps will be available for installation.

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