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Message ID: 7240     Entry time: Tue Aug 21 01:54:09 2012
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: Locking 
Subject: FPMI locked - arms locked with IR 

I (for the first time personally) locked the FPMI.  I have data for the POX11I, POY11I, AS55Q error signals for each arm and the Michelson (JenneLockingDTT/FPMI_error_signals.xml), but I haven't calibrated the data yet - Self: do this!  FPMI with arms locked using IR has been happily locked for a long time now - this is good.

From elogs / my old MICH calibration script, I have the plant calibrations of:

POY:  1.4e12 cts/m

POX: 3.8e12 cts/m

AS55: 9.4e9 cts/m

MICH has FM 5 on, Xarm has FM4-10 all on, Yarm has FM3-10 all on. 

Post note: FM 3 - the integrator - for Xarm wasn't triggered.  It turns on just fine, so I've got it triggered just like Yarm.

Also, just remembered - I turned off the XARM TRX power normalization, since it was causing crazy numbers in the xarm servo.  The XARM locked pretty easily after that.

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