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Message ID: 7239     Entry time: Tue Aug 21 00:35:25 2012
Author: rana 
Type: Summary 
Category: IOO 
Subject: Visibilities and Chrome 

MC and PMC vis:

MC REFL Unlocked    = 4.4

MC REFL Locked      = 0.67

 1 - Locked/Unlocked = 85%


PMC REFL Unlocked   = 0.270

PMC REFL Locked     = 0.013

 1 - Locked/Unlocked = 95%

I checked (by looking through recent trends) that the zero level is zero on both channels. I tried to do a proper mode scan, but we have lost the PSL fast channels during the upgrade sadly. Also, the DC signal for the PMC REFL needs some gain. Unlocked level should be more like 3-5 V.

Also used the instructions from this page to add Google's sources to rosalba's apt-get list and then installed Chrome.

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