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Entry  Sat Aug 18 17:09:01 2012, Sasha, Update, Simulations, C1LSP MEDM Screens Added 
    Reply  Sat Aug 18 19:40:47 2012, Sasha, Update, Simulations, C1LSP MEDM Screens Added 
Message ID: 7227     Entry time: Sat Aug 18 19:40:47 2012     In reply to: 7225
Author: Sasha 
Type: Update 
Category: Simulations 
Subject: C1LSP MEDM Screens Added 


C1LSP has been added to the site map. I'll work on filling in the structure some more today and tomorrow (as well as putting up PDH and REFL/AS MEDM screens).

NOTE: Does anyone know how to access channels (or if they're even there) for straight Simulink inputs and outputs (i.e. I have some sort of input, do something to it in the simulink model, then get some output)? I've been trying to add ADC MEDM screens to c1lsp, but channels along the lines of C1LSP-ADC0_0_Analog_Input or C1LSP-ADC0_A0 don't seem to exist.

 NVM. Figured out that I can just look in dataviewer for the channels. It looks like there aren't any channels for ADC0...I'll try reinstalling the model and restarting the framebuilder.

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