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Message ID: 7223     Entry time: Sat Aug 18 01:40:09 2012
Author: Masha 
Type: Configuration 
Category: PEM 
Subject: Online Seismic Noise Classification Widget 

I added a widget to the C1PEM_OVERVIEW MEDM screen. The screen shows the nine seismometer channels (GUR1, GUR2, and STS1 X, Y, and Z), the current signal class in dark red, and the overall confidence in the classification, as Rana suggested. The confidence indication thresholds range from 0.1 to 0.9, in intervals of 0.1. Basically, if a signal class is completely dark red, and the other two classes show only white, or, better yet, nothing at all, this means that we have a clear classification. If, however, the other regions have some yellow, or even red indicators, this means that we are not very confident in our signal classification.


This is a screenshot of the widget. The nine seismometer channels are classifying the signal as quiet, which is good both because it's the middle of the night, and because the nine seismometer signals somehow agree (I'd use the word correspond with one another, but that implies a strong level of coherence..). The confidence is high, seeing as there's little indication in the truck and earthquake regions (none whatsoever in the truck, meaning that the signal, given our classification method, could not possibly be a truck, and some in the earthquake region (below 0.1 of the quiet signal classification strength, however), possibly due to low seismic disturbance).

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