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Entry  Wed Aug 15 17:23:22 2012, jamie, Update, CDS, front end IOP models changed to reflect actual physical hardware 
    Reply  Thu Oct 11 11:57:40 2012, jamie, Update, CDS, all IOP models rebuild, install, restarted to reflect fixed ADC/DAC layouts 
Message ID: 7197     Entry time: Wed Aug 15 17:23:22 2012     Reply to this: 7529
Author: jamie 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: front end IOP models changed to reflect actual physical hardware 

As Rolf pointed out when he was here yesterday, all of our IOPs are filled with parts for ADCs and DACs that don't actually exist in the system.  This was causing needless module error messages and IOP GDS screens that were full of red indicators.  All the IOP models were identically stuffed with 9 ADC parts, 8 DAC parts, and 4 BO parts, even though none of the actual front end IO chassis had physical configurations even remotely like that.  This was probably not causing any particular malfunctions, but it's not right nonetheless.

I went through each IOP, c1x0{1-5}, and changed them to reflect the actual physical hardware in those systems.  I have committed these changes to the svn, but I haven't rebuilt the models yet.  I'll need to be able to restart all models to test the changes, so I'm going to wait until we have a quiet time, probably next week.

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