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Entry  Tue Aug 14 04:53:45 2012, Yoichi, Summary, LSC, X-Arm noise spectrum xarm-spectrum.png
    Reply  Wed Aug 15 04:03:55 2012, rana, Summary, LSC, Y-Arm Locking yArmNoise_120815.pngyarm.pdf
       Reply  Wed Aug 15 11:44:35 2012, jamie, Summary, LSC, ntp installed on all workstations 
Message ID: 7191     Entry time: Wed Aug 15 11:44:35 2012     In reply to: 7187
Author: jamie 
Type: Summary 
Category: LSC 
Subject: ntp installed on all workstations 


5) DTT wasn't working on rossa. Used the Date/Time GUI to reset the system time to match fb and then it stopped giving 'Test Timed Out'. Jamie check rossa ntpd.

ntp is now installed on all the workstations.  I also added it to the /users/controls/workstation-setup.sh script

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