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Entry  Tue Aug 14 04:53:45 2012, Yoichi, Summary, LSC, X-Arm noise spectrum xarm-spectrum.png
    Reply  Wed Aug 15 04:03:55 2012, rana, Summary, LSC, Y-Arm Locking yArmNoise_120815.pngyarm.pdf
       Reply  Wed Aug 15 11:44:35 2012, jamie, Summary, LSC, ntp installed on all workstations 
Message ID: 7187     Entry time: Wed Aug 15 04:03:55 2012     In reply to: 7171     Reply to this: 7191
Author: rana 
Type: Summary 
Category: LSC 
Subject: Y-Arm Locking 

0) Did a bunch of alignment to get beams roughly centered on ETMY and ITMY and maximize power. Adjusted the aperture and focus on ETMY camera to get nice image. Camera needs to be screwed in tightly and cables given some real strain relief, Steve.

1) snapshots not working on many MEDM screens. Who's on top of this?

2) save/restore not working for PZT2 sliders

3) changed power and filter triggers on yarm to match xarm

4) yarm filters copied from xarm (need to handtune RGs)

5) DTT wasn't working on rossa. Used the Date/Time GUI to reset the system time to match fb and then it stopped giving 'Test Timed Out'. Jamie check rossa ntpd.

6) Removed the high 3.2 Hz RG filter. We don't have any sharp features like that in the spectrum.
   ---then added it back. The 3.2 Hz comes and goes depending on what Yoichi is doing over in the MC area. Leaving it in by default, but lowering the Q from 2 to 1.5.

7) Attached is the noise spectra, coherence, and loop gain model for this yarm condition. For the plant model, I assume a pendulum (f=1 Hz, Q = 9) and a cavity pole of 1600 Hz. Gain is scaled to set the UGF at 165 Hz (as guessed by looking at the servo gain peaking frequency). This cheezy model doesn't include any of the delays from DAC, AA, or AI. Eric and Sasha should have something more useful for us by Friday.

8) Change the DQ channels: need XARM and YARM IN1 at 16k. e.g. XARM_ERR, etc.

9) To get the DTT plots to make thumbnails in the elog, I print a .ps file and then use 'epstopdf' to make the PDF.

Attachment 1: yArmNoise_120815.png  386 kB  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: yarm.pdf  16 kB  | Hide | Hide all
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