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Message ID: 7186     Entry time: Wed Aug 15 01:14:19 2012
Author: Yaakov 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: Differential Motion of X and Y Arm 

Den and I measured the differential motion of the x and y arms using Guralp 1 at the end of the y arm, Guralp 2 at the beamsplitter, and the Streckeisen at the end of the x arm.

I calibrated the Streckeisen to the Guralp by calculating the relative gain of the seismometer signals at the microseism. The Guralp 1-y amplitude was 1.0237 times Guralp 2-y and Guralp 2-x was 38.54 times STS-x. The Guralp calibration (to go from counts to meters) I used was 0.61/1000/800/80/(2*pi*f) m/count.

The differential motion should keep decreasing at low frequencies because the ground will move together at such large wavelengths. It goes up because the seismometer noise begins to dominate at low frequencies (below about 0.5 Hz). Another possible error source could be that the seismometers are not perfectly aligned along the arm.


Attachment 1: diff_motion_x_arm.png  38 kB  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: diff_motion_y_arm.png  38 kB  | Hide | Hide all
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