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Message ID: 7180     Entry time: Tue Aug 14 16:19:12 2012
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: Green Locking 
Subject: Xend doubling crystal heater unplugged, replugged 

I went down to the Xend table to look at it to understand Steve's proposal, and I noticed that the doubling crystal's heater's cable is mushed between the table's edge and the black table cover wall.  This made me sad, so I disabled the heater, turned it off, then unplugged the cable from the back of the controller.  I tried to re-route the cable through the hole in the black table cover wall, but going that way the cable is ~1 foot too short.  So I put it back the way it was, but used a totally hacky solution to prevent the cable from being mushed.  I put a dog clamp right at the edge of the table so it is pushing on the table cover wall a little bit, to give the cable space to get out.  This is very mickey mouse, and kind of lame.  But we either need to make a cable extension, or somehow get the heater controller to sit much, much higher under the table.

I plugged the heater controller back in, and turned it back on to the same setpoint that it was at (I think 37.5C).  It's probably warm by now, but when I turned it back on, the heater's actual temp was 33C.

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