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Message ID: 7167     Entry time: Mon Aug 13 23:06:08 2012
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: Simplant left on 

Simplant for ETMX was left on, so I didn't have control of ETMX.  Not cool.  The IFO should be left in it's 'regular' state (all optics restored to saved alignments, no simplant, LSC/ALS/ASS loops off) if you're not actively working on it.

What this did point out, however, is that we need a big ol' indicator on the IFO_ALIGN / LSC / Watchdog / Overview screens to indicate that simplant is on for a particular optic, or whatever simplant might be controlling that takes away 'regular' control.  I probably would have continued being frustrated and confused for a lot longer if Eric didn't mention that simplant could have been left on.  Thanks Eric!

Symptoms, which perhaps would have eventually pointed me to simplant, were that there was some weird moving beam on the AS camera that was flashing fabry-perot fringes, and the POX signal looked like junk. After some looking around, I noticed that ETMX, while it claimed to have all the damping loops on, and the oplev on, was swinging a lot (rms levels of 4 - 7, rather than the usual < 2 ).  I said something out loud, and Eric suggested looking at Simplant.  After putting Simplant back to Reality, things are back to normal.



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