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Entry  Fri Aug 10 17:17:41 2012, Alex Masha Den, Update, PEM, classify seismic c code 
    Reply  Fri Aug 10 17:38:29 2012, Den, Update, PEM, classify seismic c code 
Message ID: 7147     Entry time: Fri Aug 10 17:38:29 2012     In reply to: 7146
Author: Den 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: classify seismic c code 


Den and I also had trouble with a simple for loop in our model, so we talked to Alex who noted that the -O3 compiler unravels for loops in a buggy way. Thus, we have compiled c1pem using the -O compiler. 

Alex also modified RCG script to generate -O in the Makefile for c1pem model:

controls@pianosa:/opt/rtcds/rtscore/release/src/epics/util 127$ svn diff
feCodeGen.pl (revision 2999)
feCodeGen.pl (working copy)
@@ -3183,7 +3183,12 @@

print OUTM "\n";
print OUTM "ALL \+= user_mmap \$(TARGET_RTL)\n";
+# do not optimize c1pem
+if ($skeleton eq "c1pem") {
+print OUTM "EXTRA_CFLAGS += -O -w -I../../include\n";
+} else {
print OUTM "EXTRA_CFLAGS += -O3 -w -I../../include\n";
print OUTM "EXTRA_CFLAGS += -I/opt/gm/include\n";
print OUTM "EXTRA_CFLAGS += -I/opt/mx/include\n";

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