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Message ID: 7065     Entry time: Wed Aug 1 10:45:38 2012
Author: Sasha 
Type: Summary 
Category: Simulations 
Subject: SURF - Week 6 - Summary 

This week, I worked on transferring my Simulink simulation to the RCG. I made all relevant library parts, now under "SASHA library" in the main Simulink library browser. My main concern has been noises - I've added some rudimentry shot noise, amplitude noise, phase noise, and intensity noise. I have yet to add local oscillator noise, and plan to upgrade the existing noises to actually have the PSD they should (using equations from Rana's and Robb Ward's theses). I'm fairly certain this can be achieved by applying the correct transfer function to white noise (a technique I learned from Masha this week!), so the RCG should be able to handle it (theoretically).

I've also been tweaking my main simulation. After a brief (but scary) attempt at adding optical levers, I decided to shelve it in order to focus on noises/RCG simulating. This is not permanent, and I plan to return to them at some point this week or next. My main problem with them was that I knew how to get from optical lever input to pitch/yaw, but had no idea how to get from pitch/yaw to optical lever input. If I had a complete basis for one in terms of the other, I'd be able to, but I don't think this is the way to go. I'm sure there is a good way to do it (it was done SOMEHOW in the original simulation of the suspensions), I just don't know it yet.

In the aftermath of the optical lever semi-disaster, my simulation is once again not really outputting anything, but since it actually worked before adding the optical levers, I'm pretty sure I can get it to work again (this is why its important to use either git or BACKUPS, >.< (or both)).

We also wrote our progress reports this week. Mine includes some discussion on the basics of cavities/the mechanics of the suspensions/brief intro to PDH, and I'll add a section on noises in the next draft. Maybe this'll be of some use to someone someday? One can only hope.



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