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Entry  Mon Jul 30 12:38:45 2012, Jamie, Update, CDS, Move to RCG 2.5 tag release 
    Reply  Sun Aug 5 13:48:40 2012, Den, Update, CDS, Move to RCG 2.5 tag release erros.pngoaf.pngoverview.png
Message ID: 7049     Entry time: Mon Jul 30 12:38:45 2012     Reply to this: 7086
Author: Jamie 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Move to RCG 2.5 tag release 

I moved the RCG to the advLigoRTS-2.5 tag:

controls@c1iscey ~ 0$ ls -al /opt/rtcds/rtscore/release
lrwxrwxrwx 1 controls 1001 19 Jul 30 12:02 /opt/rtcds/rtscore/release -> tags/advLigoRTS-2.5
controls@c1iscey ~ 0$ 

There are only very minor differences between what we were running on the the 2.5 branch.  I have NOT rebuilt all the models yet.

I was hoping that there was something in the tagged release that might fix this hard-crash-on-filter-load issue that we're seeing in the c1tst model.  It didn't.  Still have no idea what's going on there.

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