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Entry  Mon Jul 23 21:17:58 2012, Liz, Update, PEM, Weather Station Works! 
    Reply  Mon Jul 23 21:54:48 2012, rana, Update, PEM, Weather Station Works! Untitled.png
Message ID: 7014     Entry time: Mon Jul 23 21:17:58 2012     Reply to this: 7015
Author: Liz 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: Weather Station Works! 

Rana and I traced the cables that ran from c1pem1 to the Weather Station monitor.  We found that the flat blue cable that is plugged into c1pem1 was not connected to the black cable from the Weather Station.  We don't know why they are unplugged, but the Weather Station had been inactive since 2010.  Rana plugged them back in (they are now connected via a sketchy connector that had its pins askew) and now the channels are outputting correct data!  Everything else seems to be in good order and now I can use the data from the Weather Station for the summary pages!

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