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Entry  Mon Jul 23 19:50:43 2012, Jamie, Update, CDS, c1gcv model renamed to c1als 
    Reply  Thu Feb 7 19:25:22 2013, yuta, Update, CDS, C1ALS filters reloaded 
Message ID: 7011     Entry time: Mon Jul 23 19:50:43 2012     Reply to this: 8028
Author: Jamie 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: c1gcv model renamed to c1als 

I decided to rename the c1gcv model to be c1als.  This is in an ongoing effort to rename all the ALS stuff as ALS, and get rid of the various GC{V,X,Y} named stuff.

Most of what was in the c1gcv model was already in a subsystem with and ALS top names, but there were a couple of channels that were outside of that that had funky names, namely the "GCV_GREEN" channels.  This fixes that, and make things more consistent and simple.

Of course this required a bunch of other little changes:

  • rename model in userapps svn
  • target/fb/master had to be modified to point to the new chans/daq/C1ALS.ini channel file and gds/param/tpchn_c1als.par testpoint file
  • rename RFM channels appropriately, and fix in receiver models (c1scx, c1scy, c1mcs)
  • move custom medm screens in userapps svn (isc/c1/medm/c1als), and link to it at medm/c1als/master
  • moved old medm/c1gcv directory into a subdirectory of medm/c1als
  • update all medm screens that point to c1gcv stuff (mostly just ALS screens)

The above has been done.  Still todo:

  • FIX SCRIPTS!  There are almost certainly scripts that point to GC{V,X,Y} channels.  Those will have to be fixed as we come across them.
  • Fix the c1sc{x,y}/master/C1SC{X,Y}_GC{X,Y}_SLOW.adl screens.  I need to figure out a more consistent place for those screens.
  • Fix the C1ALS_COMPACT screen
  • ???


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