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Message ID: 6971     Entry time: Thu Jul 12 21:17:44 2012
Author: Masha 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: Gurlap 2 Problems 

I noticed on DataViewer today that GUR2 was outputting only noise (somewhere around 2 counts). Jenne suggested that GUR 2 might not be plugged in. I turned off the ADC, and tried several times to plug GUR 2 back in. I thought something might be wrong with the cable, but when I plugged the GUR1 cable into GUR2, there was still no readout (although the GUR1 cable works fine when I plug it into GUR1). Perhaps I'm just inept at plugging in GUR2, or perhaps there's another issue. Either way, I'll ask Jenne about it tomorrow and try again.

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