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Message ID: 6857     Entry time: Fri Jun 22 20:00:14 2012
Author: Jamie 
Type: Omnistructure 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: two RG-405 cables ran from 1X2 rack to control room 

[Yaakov, Eric, Jenne, Yuta]

Two of our surfs, Yaakov and Eric, pulled two unused RG-405/SMA cables that had been running from 1X2 to (mysteriously) 1Y2 racks.  They left the 1X2 end where it was and pulled the 1Y2 end and rerouted it to the control room.  We labeled both ends appropriately.

The end at 1X2 is now plugged into a splitter that is combining the RF input monitor outputs for the X and Y beatbox channels, so that we can watch the beat signals with the HP8591 in the control room.

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