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Message ID: 6806     Entry time: Tue Jun 12 17:29:28 2012
Author: Den 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: dq channels 

All PEM and IOO DQ channels disappeared. These channels were commented in C1???.ini files though I've uncommented them a few weeks ago. It happened after these models were rebuild, C1???.ini files also changed. Why?

I added the channels back. mx_stream died on c1sus after I pressed DAQ reload on medm screen. For IOO model it is even worse. After pressing DAQ Reload for C1IOO model DACQ process dies on the FB and IOO machine suspends.

I rebooted IOO, restarted models and fb. Models work now, but there might be an easier way to add channels without rebooting machines and demons.

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