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Message ID: 6716     Entry time: Wed May 30 18:08:40 2012
Author: Jamie 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: c1lsc: add error point pick-offs, moved ctrl pick-offs after feedforward 

I made some modifications to the c1lsc model in order to extract both the error and control signals.

I added pick-offs for the error signals right before IFO DOF filter modules.  These are then sent with GOTOs to outputs.

I also modified things on the control side.  The OAF stuff was picking off control signals before feedforward in/outs.  After discussing with Jenne we decided that it would make sense for the OAF to be looking at the control signals after feedforward.  It also makes sense to define the control signal after the feedforward.  These control signals are then sent with GOTOs to another set of outputs.

Finally, I moved the triggers to after the control signal pickoffs, and right before the output matrix.  The final chain looks like (see attachment):

input matrix --> power norm --> ERR pickoff --> DOF filters --> FF out --> FF in --> CTRL pickoff --> trigger --> output matrix

The error pickoff outputs in the top level of the model are left terminated for the moment.  Eventually I will be hooking these into the new c1cal calibration model.

The model was recompiled, installed, and restarted.  Everything came up fine.

Attachment 1: LSCchain.png  42 kB  Uploaded Wed May 30 19:09:52 2012  | Hide | Hide all
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