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Message ID: 6658     Entry time: Tue May 22 11:45:12 2012
Author: Jamie 
Type: Configuration 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Please remember to commit SVN changes 

Hey, folks.  Please remember to commit all changes to the SVN in a timely manor.  If you don't, multiple commits will get lumped together and we won't have a good log of the changes we're making.  You might also end up just loosing all of your work.  SVN COMMIT when you're done!  But please don't commit broken or untested code.

pianosa:release 0> svn status | grep -v '^?'
M       cds/c1/models/c1rfm.mdl
M       sus/c1/models/c1mcs.mdl
M       sus/c1/models/c1scx.mdl
M       sus/c1/models/c1scy.mdl
M       isc/c1/models/c1lsc.mdl
M       isc/c1/models/c1pem.mdl
M       isc/c1/models/c1ioo.mdl
M       isc/c1/models/ADAPT_XFCODE_MCL.c
M       isc/c1/models/c1oaf.mdl
M       isc/c1/models/c1gcv.mdl
M       isc/common/medm/OAF_OVERVIEW.adl
M       isc/common/medm/OAF_DOF_BLRMS.adl
M       isc/common/medm/OAF_OVERVIEW_BAK.adl
M       isc/common/medm/OAF_ADAPTATION_MICH.adl
pianosa:release 0>

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