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Message ID: 6595     Entry time: Thu May 3 13:07:05 2012
Author: Koji 
Type: Bureaucracy 
Category: General 
Subject: Interferometer check-up session 

From 2PM, Jenne/Den/Koji. Finished at 10:30PM

  • General
    • More LCD screens! Wider screens!
      • Allegra - only can handle single head right now, but should prepare for the eventual upgrade of that videocard/whole computer and get 2 monitors.
      • Every workstation should have 2 24" monitors.  We currently have 2 good ones (one on Rossa, one on Pianosa), so we need 6.
    • Remove Control room shelf currently holding OSA 'scopes
    • Adjust both TV shelves so that they're at the same height, ~6" higher than the current left shelf.
      This gives space for stacking the 24" monitors for each computer.
    • Audio system for the signals!!!! Even a crappy one!
           (really /cvs/cds, not /opt)

  • IOO
    • PZT or Picomotor mounts for PSL/ALS beams
    • ALS on the both arm simultaneously / common/diff ALS scripts
  • SUS
    • PRM OPLEV servos are sometimes not stable. (fixed, JCD/DM/KA, 5/2/2012)
    • ETMX oplev - replace 1064nm lens with 632nm lens (KBC037, -100)
  • IFO
    • It seems that there is an occasional common-mode power transient in the arm transmissions.
      -> Track down the cause and fix.
    • Fix arm ASS even on CentOS
    • Drift of the green incident axis -> Assess the amount of the drift / replace the mount
    • Calibration of POP22 / AS110
    • PMC/IMC/ARM characterization (loss, finesse, reflectivity, etc)
  • CDS
    • Capture OSA signals in CDS (the 'scope TDS1001B has a USB port in the back for connecting to the computer)
    • Transmon (arms) for high and low power
    • POX11 whitening is not toggling the analog whitening???
    • CentOS machines cannot open simulink models properly (get "Bad Link"s everywhere, so you can't do anything useful).
    • Dataviewer and DTT can't connect to framebuilder from CentIOS machines
  • Electronics
    • Actuator noise level characterization (coil driver response in V/m & coil driver noise level V/rtHz)
    • Beat box
    • I/Q DFD
    • Improvement of POP22/110/AS110 RF circuits.
  • MEDM
    • OL alert in the watch dog screen (this is awesome!) should have small text saying "OL" (done, JCD, 5May2012)
    • Complete 40m overview screen - everything should be clickable with pseudo 3D icons
    • Script to generate a MEDM tree
    • Resurrect MEDM snapshots
    • The LSC screen has some "white" boxes -> investigate and fix them (done, KA, 5/2/2012)
    • Make the LSC control screen (compact) in the vertical arrangement (done, KA, 5/2/2012)
    • The signals of the watch dog screen should go red if any of the WDs are not enabled.
      =>Copy the logic of the signals in LSC screen.
      (done, KA, 5/2/2012)
    • Remove c1gfd from the cds status screen (done, KA, 5/2/2012)
    • Add "BURT" status indicators on the cds status screen (done, KA, 5/2/2012)
    • Locking scripts with integrator triggers / disabling when unlocked
    • Daily diagnosis of the MC spot positions (there must be something already...)
    • Daily/occasional adjustment of the incident axis on the MC
    • Suspension "misalign/restore" script is too wild => make a new script (Done, JCD, 7May2012)
    • IFO_CONFIGURE scripts still do a burt restore, so step the optics.  Need to remove optic alignment from config .snap files, use reg restore script instead.
    • OPLEV/OSEM trending script before the IFO work for diagnosis.
    • Auto-locker for PMC/Arm/etc
  • Video
    • If each video screen has a caption, that would be great
    • GUI interface of "videoswitch" Mike!
    • Mouse Jiggler for Zita (called Swinput?)
  • Ubuntu
    • burttoday is not aliased in ubuntu. burttoday:      aliased to cd /opt/rtcds/caltech/c1/burt/autoburt/today/
    • ASS doesn't run on Ubuntu!
      ezcawrite: error while loading shared libraries: libca.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
      ezcaswitch: error while loading shared libraries: libca.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
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