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Message ID: 6581     Entry time: Fri Apr 27 13:32:06 2012
Author: Den 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: seism channels 

A few weeks ago I found that GUR2_X signal is biased from 0 to 800 counts in average. I decided that the corresponding channel in the readout box is bad - adds DC voltage to the signal. I stopped using GUR2_XYZ channels of the seism readout box. Now the same thing happened with the GUR1_XYZ channels. I checked the signals coming out from the seism box with the oscilloscope and they were fine. So the problem is not in the readout box. Then I applied 1 V sine wave to the input of AA board to the GUR1_X and ACC_MC1_Z channels. GUR1_X channel still shows noise. Something is wrong with these channels inside the AA board or in the ADC.



Edited by Den: GUR1_XYZ_IN1 signals are empty though GUR1_XYZ are fine. So the problem is just that GUR1_XYZ_IN1 are not acquired for now though some of the ACC_IN1 channels contain the signal. I need to correct .ini files.

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