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Entry  Tue Apr 17 11:05:04 2012, Jamie, Update, CDS, CDS upgrade in progress 
    Reply  Tue Apr 17 19:03:09 2012, Jamie, Update, CDS, CDS upgrade in progress 
       Reply  Wed Apr 18 19:59:48 2012, Jamie, Update, CDS, CDS upgrade success 
          Reply  Fri Apr 20 19:54:57 2012, Jamie, Update, CDS, CDS upgrade problems 
             Reply  Sat Apr 21 17:38:19 2012, Jamie, Update, CDS, dtt, dataviewer working; problem with trend frames 
                Reply  Sat Apr 21 21:10:34 2012, Jamie, Update, CDS, trend frame issue partially resolved 
                   Reply  Tue Apr 24 14:35:37 2012, Jamie, Update, CDS, limited second trend lookback 
             Reply  Sat Apr 21 20:40:28 2012, Jamie, Update, CDS, framebuilder frame writing working again 
          Reply  Tue Apr 24 14:55:00 2012, Jamie, Update, CDS, cds code paths (rtscore, userapps) have moved 
Message ID: 6546     Entry time: Wed Apr 18 19:59:48 2012     In reply to: 6541     Reply to this: 6552   6562
Author: Jamie 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: CDS upgrade success 

The upgrade is nearly complete:

  • new daqd code is running on fb
  • the fe/daqd timing issue was resolved by adjusting the GPS offset in the daqdrc.  I will document this more later.
  • the power outage conveniently rebooted all the front-end machines, so they're all now running new caRepeater
  • all models have been successfully recompiled with RCG 2.5 (with only a couple small glitches)
  • all new models are running on all front-end machines (with a couple exceptions)
  • all suspension models seem to be damping under local control (PRM is having troubles that are likely unrelated to the upgrade).
  • a lot of cleanup has been done

Remaining tasks/issues:

  • more testing OF EVERYTHING needs o be done
  • I did not yet update the DIS dolphin code, so we're running with the old code.  I don't think this is a problem, but it would be nice to get us running what they're running at the sites
  • I tried to cleanup/simplify how front-end initialization is done.  However, there is a problem and models are not auto-starting after reboot.  This needs to be fixed.
  • the userapps directory is in a new place (/opt/rtcds/userapps).  Not everything in the old location was checked into the repository, so we need to check to make sure everything that needs to be is checked in, and that all the models are running the right code.
  • the c1oaf model seems to be having a dolphin issue that needs to be sorted
  • the c1gfd model causes c1ioo to crash immediately upon being loaded.  I have removed it from the rtsystab.  That model needs to be fixed.
  • general model cleanup is in order.
  • more front-end cleanup is needed, particularly in regards to boot-up procedure.
  • document the entire upgrade procedure.

I'll finish up these remaining tasks tomorrow.

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