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Entry  Thu Apr 5 01:07:08 2012, Mike J., Update, Computers, Hysteresis Plots SHO_hyst_plot.png
    Reply  Sat Apr 7 01:45:02 2012, Mike J., Update, Computers, Even Better Hysteresis Model and Plots hyst_v3.pnghyst_v_3.pnghyst_v_3-x(t).png
       Reply  Thu Apr 12 22:04:17 2012, Mike J., Update, Computers, New Hysteresis Model & Plots hyst_combo.pngferro_hyst.png
Message ID: 6530     Entry time: Thu Apr 12 22:04:17 2012     In reply to: 6505
Author: Mike J. 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: New Hysteresis Model & Plots 

The new hysteresis model uses a triangle wave with offset zero points as the position function and a sinusoidal force function, creating a loop similar to this. Model is at /users/mjenson/matlab/ferro_hyst.mdl.


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