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Message ID: 6499     Entry time: Fri Apr 6 19:04:35 2012
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: STS releveled, GUR2 plugged in 

[Den, Jenne]

We were wondering why the STS-2 signal was funny.  When I went to look at it, the X-axis indicator was pointing ~45deg from the x-axis, so that it was pointing between the arms of the IFO.  Also, the bubble in the level was totally stuck on one side.  We locked the masses, and I put the seismometer back to the correct orientation, and then leveled it.  We unlocked the masses and turned the power back on, and hit the auto-zero button a few times.  Right now the X-axis signal is fine, but Y and Z are still railed, but it's been like 24 seconds, not 24 hours since we last hit auto zero, so there's still some time to wait.

Also, GUR2 was unplugged on both ends of the cable.  We plugged it back in.  However, it looks like the *seismometer* labeled #1 is now plugged into *channels* GUR2, and the seismometer labeled #2 is plugged into channels GUR1.  Recall that Den has only modified X, Y, Z for GUR1 channels, not any other channels in the breakout box.

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