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Entry  Thu Mar 29 11:29:27 2012, keiko, Update, LSC, POP22/POP110 amplifires 
    Reply  Thu Mar 29 18:42:11 2012, keiko, Update, LSC, POP22/POP110 amplifires P3290004.JPGP3290005.JPG
Message ID: 6466     Entry time: Thu Mar 29 18:42:11 2012     In reply to: 6464
Author: keiko 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: POP22/POP110 amplifires 

Adding two amplifiers on POP22/110, I checked the signals going to the dmod board of 22 and 110.

The signal flows: Photodetector of POP --> Amp1 --> Amp2 --> RF splotter --> bandpass filter for 22MHz / 110MHz --> 22MHz / 110MHz demod board.




 Here is the picture of RF spectrum just after the bandpass filter of 22MHz going to the 22MHz demod board. The signal peak at 22MHz is about -40dBm. There is a structure slightly lower than 22MHz.


The below is the RF spectrum for 110MHz branch. The peak at 110MHz is about -15dBm. The peak on the left of 110MHz is 66MHz peak.




Yesterday I and Kiwamu connected two amplifiers (mini-circuit, ZFL-1000LNB+) for POP22/110. Dataviewer can see some signals. I'll test the signal levels and freq components before the rack just in case. [Kiwamu, Keiko]


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