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Entry  Wed Mar 28 21:15:53 2012, rana, Omnistructure, Computers, Wireless router for GC 
    Reply  Thu Mar 29 13:23:05 2012, Jenne, Omnistructure, Computers, Wireless router for GC IMG_0079.JPG
       Reply  Thu Mar 29 19:13:56 2012, Jamie, Omnistructure, Computers, Wireless router for GC 
Message ID: 6465     Entry time: Thu Mar 29 13:23:05 2012     In reply to: 6463     Reply to this: 6467
Author: Jenne 
Type: Omnistructure 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Wireless router for GC 


I installed a NETGEAR Wireless Router (WPN824N) today on the 131 network. The admin password for it as well as the wireless access password are in the usual places.

The SSID is 40EARTH. I have set it to allow WPA as well as WPA2 access, so the speed is only 54 Mbps for now. In a year or so, we can turn off the WPA support and up the speed.

 This router was confiscated by the GC guys this morning around ~10am.  They barged in and said that someone at the 40m had connected a new router, and we had magically taken down half of the GC network.  The cable was plugged in to the wrong port on the back of the router. 

Junaid / Christian said that they would "secure" the router, and then reinstall it.  Apparently just having a password didn't satisfy them.  This was the compromise, versus them just taking the router and never bringing it back.


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