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Entry  Mon Mar 12 01:04:18 2012, keiko, Update, LSC, RAM simulation update, RAM LSC matrix 
    Reply  Mon Mar 12 18:57:58 2012, keiko, Update, LSC, RAM simulation update, RAM LSC matrix 
       Reply  Wed Mar 14 16:33:20 2012, keiko, Update, LSC, RAM simulation / RAM pollution plot Mar14pollution.pngRAMexampleplot.png
Message ID: 6417     Entry time: Wed Mar 14 16:33:20 2012     In reply to: 6401
Author: keiko 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: RAM simulation / RAM pollution plot 

In the last post, I showed that SRCL element in the MICH sensor (AS55I-mich) is chaned 1% due to RAM.

Here I calculated how is this 1% residual in MICH sensor (AS55 I-mich) shown in MICH sensitivity. The senario is:

(1) we assume we are canceling SRCL in MICH by feed forward first (original matrix (2,3) element).

(2) SRCL in MICH (matrix(2,3) is changed 1% due to RAM, but you keep the same feed forward with the same feedforward gain

(3) You get 1% SRCL residual motion in MICH sensor. This motion depends on how SRCL is quiet/loud. The assumed level is

Pollution level = SRCL shot noise level in SRCL sensor  x  SRCL closed loop TF  x  1% residual .... the following plot.



AS sensor = AS55I-mich  --- SN level 2.4e-11 W/rtHz ------- MICH SN level 6e-17 m/rtHz

SRCL sensor = AS55 I-SRCL --- SN level 2e-11 W/rtHz ---  SRCL SN level 5e-14 m/rtHz







Adding some more results with more realistic RAM level assumption.

(4) With 0.1% RAM mod index of PM (normalized by (1) )

REFL11I 0.99999 -0.001807 -0.000148
AS 55 Im 0.000822 1.000002 0.000475
AS 55 Is 1.068342 906.968167 1.00559





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