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Message ID: 6411     Entry time: Wed Mar 14 04:19:51 2012
Author: kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: REFL33Q for MICH control : not good 

 I tried the REFL33Q for controlling MICH in the PRMI configuration (#6407)

The result was --

 It was barely able to lock MICH in a short moment but didn't stay locked for more than 10 sec. Not good.


The attached screenshot below shows a moment when the PRMI was locked with REFL33I and REFL33Q for PRCL and MICH respectively.
Apparently the lock was destroyed after 10 sec or so and it was locked again.



 At the beginning I tried minimizing the PRCL signal in the Q phase by rotating the demodulation phase because the PRCL signal was always huge.
However it turned out that the rotation of the demodulation phase didn't completely eliminate the PRCL signal for some reason.
This could be some kind of imbalance in the electronics or somewhere between the I and Q signal paths.
So instead, I tried blending the I and Q signals by a linear combination through the LSC input matrix.
Then I was able to eliminate the PRCL signal.
I put a gain of -0.1 for the I signal and 1 for the Q signal to get the good blend when the demodulation phase was at -17.05 deg.
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