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Entry  Fri Mar 9 20:44:24 2012, Jim Lough, Update, CDS, DAQ restart with new ini file 
    Reply  Tue Mar 13 13:28:31 2012, Ryan Fisher, Update, CDS, DAQ restart with new ini file 
Message ID: 6397     Entry time: Fri Mar 9 20:44:24 2012     Reply to this: 6404
Author: Jim Lough 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: DAQ restart with new ini file 

DAQ reload/restart was performed at about 1315 PST today. The previous ini file was backed up as c1pem20120309.ini in the /chans/daq/working_backups/ directory.

I set the following to record:

The two JIMS channels at 2048:
[C1:PEM-JIMS_CH1_DQ] Persistent version of JIMS channel. When bit drops to zero indicating something bad (BLRMS threshold exceeded) happens the bit stays at zero  for >= the value of the persist EPICS variable.
[C1:PEM-JIMS_CH2_DQ] Non-persistent version of JIMS channel.

And all of the BLRMS channels at 256:
Names are of the form:

On monday I intend to look at the weekend seismic data to establish thresholds on the JIMS channels.

256 was the lowest rate possible according to the RCG manual. The JIMS channels are recorded at 2048 because I couldn't figure out how to disable the decimation filter. I will look into this further.

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