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Entry  Mon Mar 5 18:12:00 2012, Keiko, Update, LSC, RAM simulation update Mar5RAM2.pngMar5RAM3.png
    Reply  Tue Mar 6 15:22:02 2012, Keiko, Update, LSC, RAM simulation update 
Message ID: 6363     Entry time: Tue Mar 6 15:22:02 2012     In reply to: 6358
Author: Keiko 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: RAM simulation update 


 I wrote an RAM simulation script ... it calculates the LSC signal offset and the operation point offset depending on the RAM modulation index.

Configuration : RAM is added on optC1, by the additional Mach-Zehnder ifo before the PRM.


 Both are for PRCL sweep result. Note that REFL33I is always almost zero. Next step: Check the LSC matrix with matrix at the offset operation point.

 On the right figure, you see the non-zero operation points even when RAM mod index = 0. Apparently they come from non-zero loss of the model.  (Each mirror of 50ppm loss was assumed).

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