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Message ID: 6348     Entry time: Fri Mar 2 18:11:50 2012
Author: jamie 
Type: Summary 
Category: SUS 
Subject: evaluation of eLIGO tip-tilts from LLO 

[Suresh, Jamie]

Suresh and I opened up and checked out the eLIGO tip-tilts assemblies we received from LLO. There are two, TT1 and TT2, which were used for aligning AS beam into the OMC on HAM6. The mirror assemblies hang from steel wires suspended from little, damped, vertical blade springs. The magnets are press fit into the edge of the mirror assemblies. The pointy flags magnetically attach to the magnets. BOSEMS are attached to the frame. The DCC numbers on the parts seem to all be entirely lies, but this document seems to be close to what we have, sans the vertical blade springs: T0900566

We noticed a couple of issues related to the magnets and flags. One of the magnets on each mirror assembly is chipped (see attached photos). Some of the magnets are also a bit loose in their press fits in the mirror assemblies. Some of the flags don't seat very well on the magnets. Some of the flag bases are made of some sort of crappy steel that has rusted (also see pictures). Overall some flags/magnets are too wobbly and mechanically unsound. I wouldn't want to use them without overhauling the magnets and flags on the mirror assemblies.

There are what appear to be DCC/SN numbers etched on some of the parts.  They seem to correspond to what's in the document above, but they appear to be lies since I can't find any DCC documents that correspond to these numbers:

TT1: D070176-00 SN001
  mirror assembly: D070183-00 SN003
TT2: D070176-00 SN002
  mirror assembly: D070183-00 SN006
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