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Message ID: 6346     Entry time: Fri Mar 2 11:05:28 2012
Author: Den 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: seis box gain 

I've replaced R2 resistor that adjusts the gain of the AD620 amplifier. Previous value 5491Ohm, new value 464Ohm, so the gain should increase up to ~200-250. Only at the N/S 1 circuit!

LISO simulation of the circuit transfer function and noise are



LISO predicts gain ~45-46 dB = 200 and noise at the level of 10uV at 1Hz. The transfer function and noise measured are



The noise measured is 5 times higher then predicted by LISO. Though I described AD620 as an ordinary amplifier with 49.9kOhm resistor connecting output and inverted input. I specified the noise spectrum 10 nV and 1/f corner frequency 30 Hz. In the AD620 datasheet noise spectrum is 10 - 100 nV depending on the gain. However, the gain is 200 and noise spectrum should be 10 nV. May be in reality it is not the case. It also possible that the noise model used by LISO is not valid for AD620 as it is not an ordinary operational amplifier.

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