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Entry  Mon Oct 31 15:58:25 2011, steve, Update, SUS, thinking of black glass baffles for 40m 03260901.PDF03260902.PDF
    Reply  Thu Mar 1 09:26:50 2012, steve, Update, SUS, SOS baffle plates are ready 03011201.PDF
       Reply  Wed Oct 12 15:01:22 2016, steve, Update, SUS, SOS ITM baffles plates are ready baffle7x9_1.5.jpgbaffle_holder.jpgbaffle_top_view.jpg
Message ID: 6344     Entry time: Thu Mar 1 09:26:50 2012     In reply to: 5771     Reply to this: 12553
Author: steve 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: SOS baffle plates are ready 

 Green welding glass 7" x 9"   shade #14 with 40 mm hole and mounting fixtures are ready to reduce scatter light on SOS

PEEK 450CA shims and U-shaped clips  will keep these plates damped.


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03011201.PDF 03011201.PDF
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