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Message ID: 6342     Entry time: Wed Feb 29 20:27:00 2012
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: Green Locking 
Subject: X green beat - found it! 

Found it!

The actual temperature of the Xend laser is 0.02 C higher than anticipated based on the formula in elog 3759.  Both the PSL and the Xend laser are at their nominal diode currents (2.100 A for the PSL, 2.003 A for Xend), so the curves should be used as they are.  The PSL temp (when the slow servo offset is ~0) is 31.71 C.  Using curve 2 from elog3759, the Xend laser should be 37.78, which I found was +10 counts on the Xgreen slow servo offset. 

Right now the Xend laser is at 37.80 C, and the beat is around 30 MHz.  This is +80 counts on the Xgreen slow servo.  +60 counts gave me ~80 MHz.  When (a few minutes ago) the MC unlocked and relocked, it came back to a slightly different place, so the temp of the Xend laser had to go up a few 10's of counts to get the same beat freq.  Right now the PSL slow servo offset is 0.076 V. 

The HP8591E is set with ResBW=100kHz, Ref Level= -39dBm (so I'm not attenuating my input signal!).  The largest peak I see for the beatnote is -66dBm.  The nose floor around the peak is -83dBm.  Trace (trace button!) A is set to MaxHoldA, and Trace B is set to ClearWriteB, so B is giving me the actual current spectrum, while A is remembering the peak value measured, so it's easier to see if I went past the peak, and just didn't see it on the analyzer. 

Also, I went back and realigned the beams earlier, to ensure that there was good overlap both near the BS which combines the PSLgreen and Xgreen beams, and at the PD.  The overlap I had been looking at was okay, but not stellar.  Now it's way better, which made the peak easier to see.  Also, also, the waveplate after the doubling oven on the PSL table is still rotated so that I get max power on the Xgreen side of things, and not much at all on the Ygreen side.  I'll need to rebalance the powers, probably after we make sure we are seeing the beatnote with the BeatBox.

Next Steps:

Lay a cable from the BBPD to the BeatBox in 1X2, make the BeatBox do its thing.

Use the dichroic locking to do a sweep of the Xarm.

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