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Message ID: 6302     Entry time: Tue Feb 21 22:06:18 2012
Author: jamie 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: beatbox DFD installed in 1X2 rack 

I have installed a proto version of the ALS beatbox delay-line frequency discriminator (DFD, formally known as MFD), in the 1X2 rack in the empty space above the RF generation box.

That empty space above the RF generation box had been intentionally left empty to provide needed ventilation airflow for the RF box, since it tends to get pretty hot.  I left 1U of space between the RF box and the beatbox, and so far the situation seems ok, ie. the RF box is not cooking the beatbox.  This is only a temporary arrangement, though, and we should be able to clean up the rack considerably once the beatbox is fully working.

For power I connected the beatbox to the two unused +/- 18 V Sorensen supplies in the OMC power rack next to the SP table.  I disconnected the OMC cable that was connected to those supplies originally.  Again, this is probably just temporary.

Right now the beatbox isn't fully functioning, but it should be enough to use for lock acquisition studies.  The beatbox is intended to have two multi-channel DFDs, one for each arm, each with coarse and fine outputs.  What's installed only has one DFD, but with both coarse and fine outputs.  It is also intended to have differential DAQ outputs for the mixer IF outputs, which are not installed in this version.

The intended design was also supposed to use a comparator in the initial amplification stages before the delay outputs.  The comparator was removed, though, since it was too slow and was limiting the bandwidth in the coarse channel.  I'll post an updated schematic tomorrow.

I made some initial noise measurements:  with a 21 MHz input, which corrseponds to a zero crossing for a minimal delay, the I output is at ~200 nVrms/\sqrt{Hz} at 5 Hz, falling down to ~30 nVrms about 100 Hz, after which it's mostly flat.  I'll make calibrated plots for all channels tomorrow.

The actual needed delay lines are installed/hooked up either.  Either Kiwamu will hook something up tonight, or I'll do it tomorrow.

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