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Message ID: 6297     Entry time: Sat Feb 18 18:29:38 2012
Author: Den 
Type: Update 
Category: Adaptive Filtering 
Subject: online filtering 

I tried to filter MC_F from seismic noise measured by GUR1 seismometer. I've used 8000 tap filter, downsample ratio=8, delay=1. In the Figure the output of the filter is presented with MC_F signal.


We can see that output is close to the MC_F, but the phase for some reason is not zero. It should not be at 1 Hz - 10 Hz due to the actuator. But below these frequencies I do not see any reasons for the output phase to differ from MC_F phase. But it is possible, the phase of the actuator is evaluated very rough and the adaptive filter can't match it.

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