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Message ID: 6249     Entry time: Fri Feb 3 17:29:28 2012
Author: Den 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: c1lsc kernel 

The reason I've killed the c1lsc kernel was the following - when the code starts to run, it initializes some parameters and this takes ~0.2 msec per dof. Now, the old code did nothing with a DOF if C1:OAF-ADAPT_???_ONOFF == OFF. My code still initialized the parameters but then does nothing because no witness channels are given. But it spends 8*0.2 = 1.6 msec for initializing all 8 dof. As the code is called with frequency 2k, this was the reason for crashing. Now I've corrected my code, it compiles, runs and does not kill c1lsc. However, the old code would also kill the kernel if all DOF are filtered. So, when we'll use all 8 DOF, we'll have to split variable initialization.

But this is not the biggest problem. C1OAF model must be corrected, because, as for now, all 8 DOF call the same ADAPT_XFCODE function. As this function uses static variables, they will be all messed up by different DOF signals.

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